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In my line of work you always hear a lot of excuses.....


Half the time this boils down to the client not having a powerful enough reason to change. 


The people who always do the best are: 


Future brides - weddings are very expensive so why wouldn't you want to look the best on your big day, expensive photos that will stay with you a lifetime and with regards to wedding clients have a deadline for the changes and are fantastic clients to work with. 


Medical Scares - there is nothing more motivating than a medical professional telling you that you need to change or risk dying early. Especially if you have kids and want to see them growing up. 


Proving doubters wrong - we all know the doubters, the ones that roll their eyes every time they hear you're going on another new diet. The ones that mock you. Nothing better than proving these people wrong. 


Photo shoot booked in - you can't hide from a professional photographer, all that fat you haven't managed to get rid of will be displayed for the world to see. 


A lot of these you can't recreate but booking a photo shoot in is a great way to stay on track. Anybody can completely change the shape the size, it just takes someone to put you in the right direction and a little bit of will power. No more excuses! 


Lee Butts 

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