Hard Gainers

Why can't I gain muscle easy? We are all different in genetics, metabolism, age and how active we are. All these have an impact on how easy we can lose weight or gain muscle. We all know that one person who can eat what they like and never gain weight right? Chances...

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NHS 800 Calorie Diet

Summary of the proposal A hot topic at the moment is the “800 calorie diet” that the NHS are providing for those who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes. A recent study has shown that NHS England are currently spending 10% of their budget on “treating” people with Type 2...

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Watch Out For Those Scary Carbs

Seriously! WTF! I hear so many people tell me they can’t eat carbs because carbs makes them fat! Guys, the only thing that will make you fat is being in a calorie surplus. You could eat chicken(protein) all day long and not even look at a carb, if you’re in a calorie...

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Diet Hacks… What NOT To Do!

Don’t look for the mythical quick fix! It doesn’t exist! Super Jizz Shakes and Skinny Coffee But Lee, I’ve seen all these photos of people drinking skinny coffee and super jizz shakes and they lose a stone in a week! Oh really; and do you think that’s sustainable? Are...

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