Don’t look for the mythical quick fix! It doesn’t exist!


Super Jizz Shakes and Skinny Coffee

But Lee, I’ve seen all these photos of people drinking skinny coffee and super jizz shakes and they lose a stone in a week! Oh really; and do you think that’s sustainable? Are you going to drink super jizz shakes instead of food for the rest of your life? If something looks like it won’t be sustainable long-term, then don’t do it!

These gimmicks work by depleting glycogen stores in your muscles because most of these plans have you on very low carbs. As soon as you start eating carbs again, (which you will because carbs are yummy) then your glycogen stores fill back up and you put all the weight back on. Some of them have diuretic properties that dehydrate you but soon as you stop, you rehydrate and put the weight back on.


Skinny belts, padded ass kickers and suck in underpants

So, for even the lazier person who doesn’t like their body, we have a million and one different types of clothes that pull bits in and hide everything. In fact, these clothes items are so good that you walk through town and everyone looks awesome. Therefore, you wonder what the hell everyone is talking about, when they say we are in an obesity epidemic?! Only when you go somewhere like Centre Parcs and look around in the swimming pool that the epidemic is truly unveiled.

If you feel that uncomfortable you need to hide yourself away, then a long-term solution will be better for your confidence and self-esteem.


OK clever clogs what should I do?

Some quick wins without having to give too much thought….

  • Cut your takeaways and meals out to half of what you usually do.
  • Cut your snacks down.
  • Try and stick to 3 decent size meals a day.
  • Increase activity – use stairs instead of lifts, walk to the shops and schools and be more active with the kids, get them outdoors. We live in such a lovely place, take advantage of it!
  • Drink more water! This one is massively overlooked by most people, yet our bodies are made up of 65% water. Drink more and see the impact on your health and energy. I guarantee it will be massive.
  • If you’re going out drinking then make better choices. Switch to spirits and diet mixers. Get a chicken kebab instead of a pizza. You can still have a life; just be sensible.
  • Eat more veg. Vegetables are really low in calories and will help keep you full, as well as provide you with plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Some people want to know exactly what to do meal by meal, and some want flexibility

I’ve been training for over 25 years and worked with hundreds of people for every great transformation I’ve helped someone with, I can give you another person who can’t even get passed one week without going out or popping into McDonalds with the kids.

It’s hard! If it was easy there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic. All the goodies that taste epic are full of calories.

I’ve tried all kinds of length of diets and found anything over 8 weeks people struggle to stick to. Anything under 6 weeks their results aren’t usually sustainable and it’s hard to get great results in such a short time frame.

Over the last two years, I’ve developed what I think is the perfect plan. It’s an 8 week plan which allows people to still be sociable, go to McDonalds with their kids and have a drink with their mates.

If you fancy getting started then head over to this link and register for the next intake.

The next intake starts on the 25th September 2017 which will get you looking awesome for Christmas.


What do I get from the plan?

  • Added to our private Facebook page where all clients can help support each other, as well as access to one of our PT’s
  • Our easy to make recipes
  • A phased nutrition plan updated every 2 weeks to stop your weight loss plateauing
  • A phased training plan on our app or printable sheets and videos for our home clients (updated every 2 weeks)
  • A weekly updated snacks list
  • Hack sheets telling you what fast food you can eat
  • We can also tweak plans if you are going out to a sociable event to include alcohol and some food

How much does this awesome plan cost?

The 8 week plan, with all the benefits, is yours for the bargain price of £125; but we have limited numbers so please make sure you register.

We will inform you when registration will open, then it will be fastest fingers on the button to sign up!

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