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John has been part of the Fitness industry since 2009. During that time John’s worked with a plethora of different types clients in the UK and overseas, from professional athletes, general health, rehabilitation, weight loss, and fat loss to name a few. He specialises in progressive pain free Training and posture improvement.

My thoughts on supplements

These are unprecedented times. No one knows how long this will continue and what will happen to you if you become infected. 

You will see the best in people, and unfortunately the worst also.

I read only last week about a doctor selling pills to boost your immune system against covid-19 and apparently made over a million dollars in one week.

So I’m going to help you pick and choose for yourself good and bad supplements and what to look out for. 

Before purchasing and taking any supplement, you need to read the ingredients. You need to be aware of what you’re putting in your body. When reading the ingredients, make sure they’re all clean and natural. You don’t want to put chemicals into your body. My own personal rule of thumb is if I can’t pronounce it or spell it I probs don’t need it. 

Ideally, any supplements that you take should be certified organic and non-GMO. These labels ensure that the supplements (and their ingredients) haven’t had anything added to prolong expiry or for taste. 

Most important thing to remember and take from this is it is a SUPPLEMENT – something additional to your diet.  Not one supplement or pill alone is going to boost your immune system. 

A well balanced diet, adequate sleep, and exercise are going to be far more beneficial to your immune system.

Take care and stay safe


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