Why can’t I gain muscle easy?

We are all different in genetics, metabolism, age and how active we are.

All these have an impact on how easy we can lose weight or gain muscle.

We all know that one person who can eat what they like and never gain weight right? Chances are that person never stops all day long and can’t sit still. They are burning calories all day long.

Gaining muscle is hard for anyone but for these types of people it almost seems impossible!

So what can you do?

  • Eat more than you are eating now. This might seem obvious but I hear this all the time “I never stop eating” but in reality when you write it all down its not much food at all.
  • Be consistent with eating more. It’s no good having a really good month of eating and getting all those calories down then hardly eating the next month. You will lose all those hard earned gains. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been here, done that and got the t-shirt. To a hard gainer, increasing food is just as hard as someone who’s over weight trying to cut down on food. Small steady increments over time is the ONLY way to this.
  • Increase fats as an easy way of increasing calories. Fats are more calorific and as such you can up your daily calorie intake without feeling as full and bloated. There are 120 calories in a table spoon of olive oil. Add 1 table spoon to each meal and you’ve got a extra 360 calories without thinking about it.
  • Try and drink the extra calories. You can buy some extra fine oats or maltodextrin powder which is a good way of increasing carbs and calories. Get these from bulk powders or my protein online.
  • Make sure you have a good training plan and try to increase either weight, Sets or reps every week.
  • Weigh yourself weekly and aim to gain 0.5 – 1lbs which doesn’t sound like much but in 10 weeks you will have gained 10lbs. Any more will more than likely just be fat. If you aren’t gaining then you need to increase food again.

Me at age 18 and age 22 first 4 years of hard training about 50lbs heavier

Here’s a table to give you a rough idea of how much muscle you could gain over 12 months

Years training(Hard and correctly)/ potential rate of muscle gain

1 year/ 20-25lbs of muscle (2lbs a week)

2 years/ 10-12lbs of muscle (1lbs a week)

3 years/ 5-6lbs of muscle (0.5lbs a week)

4+ years/ 2-3lbs of muscle (Not worth calculating)

you can see above that muscle gaining is not a quick process and this is why so many people fail. Who wants to put all that hard work in for 2-3lbs of muscle a year right? You really have to start enjoying the gym and coming because you want to and not just looking at the muscle gain.

Be patient and you can develop a great physique

Lee Butts


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