Seriously! WTF! I hear so many people tell me they can’t eat carbs because carbs makes them fat!

Guys, the only thing that will make you fat is being in a calorie surplus. You could eat chicken(protein) all day long and not even look at a carb, if you’re in a calorie surplus you will get fat! Despite this being 110% scientifically proven people are still terrified of carbs!


I guess they see the latest celebrity trend with some idiot from The Only Way Is Essex saying carbs are bad then everyone thinks these muppets are correct for some ungodly reason. Carbs are awesome especially when you are training as they fuel your session. If you’re not getting enough carbs I’ll guarantee your workouts won’t be as good, you won’t be able to lift as heavy and you will slow progress.

A calorie deficit is a calorie deficit regardless of what macros its made up of.

In theory you could eat 100% carbs and lose weight! You wouldn’t do this because we need protein to repair the muscle and if you’re not getting enough chances are you will lose muscle as well as fat.

Would cutting all carbs work?

Yes it would because you are naturally creating a calorie deficit by removing a whole food group. Muscles store glycogen which is derived from carbs. Your muscle glycogen will deplete showing a big weight loss in the first week but that would come back on as soon as you introduce carbs back into you life.

Are you going to go on holiday and still not eat any carbs? No chance!

You will look great the first day or two of your holiday then as soon as them lovely carbs are introduced you will look bloated for the rest of your holiday.


Eat balanced meals, enjoy those lovely carbs, feel the benefit of being fueled for some awesome workouts.


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