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Questions? We’ve got answers! Any questions you have about anything related to your programme you’ll find just below! And NOTE: If you CANNOT find an answer to your question, please feel free to tag us in the Private Members Facebook Group!


Q. Can I swap out meals that I dont like with ones off the other plans?

Yes as long as the calories are the same or pretty close.

Q. Can I have diet Fizzy drinks?

You can indeed I would minimise them to 2-3 a day.

Q. How do I book on the FREE bootcamps?
The bootcamps are outdoors and will be weather dependent. Aga will add an event into the group. Just click on the event and say you will be attending.

Q. How do I book Group PT sessions?

You will need to register for a club right account here. Make sure you use the same email address you signed up with as this associates with your account.

Q. How often should I get measured and take progress photos?
We would recommend every 4 weeks.
Q. Can I drink tea or Coffee?
Yes but limit them to 3-4 a day, small amount of milk if needed and no sugar (only sweetners). Defo not Costa or Stabucks.

Q. Can I drink alcohol?

You can but again the more you drink the more impact if will have on your results. If you are going out you can save all your snacks through the week and use them for the night out. Look at the examples in pictures, select which represents your typical night out and save them calories through the week by a combination of saving snack calories and skipping breakfast.

Q. Can I freeze meals?
You can and we recommend that you do it will make your life so much easier if you have meals frozen in case you cant be bothered one day. You can get them out of the freezer the night before and microwave them.
Q. If I eat out what should I avoid?
Try and avoid chips, most place fry them and the oil the chips absorb make them really high calories, Avoid burgers, sausages, pizza, high fat food such as chorizio and anything infused with oil.

Q. If I exercise more can I eat more food?

No I’m afraid not we work your calories out on the exercise you tell us you are doing.

Q. My workout plan says 1kg. I usually lift a lot more.

We cant prempt how strong you all are so we rely on you guys using a weight that will push you for the number of reps or time you have to do the exercise.

Q. I feel like i’m eating too much food!
When you start eating better quality food you should always feel full and satisifed at the start. remember you are cutting out all them takeaways, sweets, chcoloates and alcohol so we need to make the calories up.
Q. What are Giant sets and supersets?
Supersets are two exercises done right after each other with no rest. Only resting after the last exercise. Giant sets are more than two exercises in a row. Resting after te last exercise.
Q. How many days do I need to train?
Home workouts we like you to do 3 and gym workouts we have up to 6 workouts. If you can only make 2 – 3, prioritise the upper and lower workouts.
Q. If I have any technical issues who should I contact?

Email Aga who is the Xtreme Lean administrator and she will get you sorted.

Q. When do I do my first check in?

First check in will be a week after you start before the Saturday at 1pm. That then gives the coaches time to get then updated. New calories will be given out before 5pm to allow you time to get shopping and food prep. If you don’t check in before 1pm you might not get an update until the following week.

Q. What if I can’t check in on Saturday?
Do it when you can but try and be consistent with days.

Q. Is the weights cooked or raw weights?

All the foods are raw uncooked weights


Q. Can I drink too much water?

Our whole body is made up of water and it’s 60% of our total body weight so chances are most people are slightly dehydrated. I wouldn’t go over 5 litres as a general safety net for most average people but you might find bigger people need more. 


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